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Crimson Moon, Paranormal Romance

Crimson Moon by J.A. Saare

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Excerpt #1

“I won’t beg you for anything,” I vowed rashly, uncaring if it incensed his variable temper.

He was going to kill me. I knew that with absolute certainty. And he wasn’t going to be quick about it. My death would only be a symbol, a representation of what he intended Caleb to suffer. His pride had been destroyed, and it would only be restored when vengeance was served.

“You will,” he cooed, his face smoothing in understanding of my plight. Careful fingers caressed the skin along my neck tenderly. “I promise.”

Unyielding fingers thrust into my hair again, driving me over the bed. My body shuddered painfully as I fell heavily into the waiting carpet, skin and bones aching. I stumbled on liquidly legs, attempting to stand upright as the world spun uncontrollably. My disoriented eyes located him across the room, bringing his massive body into focus.

Parker watched me intently while his body shifted, enjoying the fear that widened my eyes and engulfed his nose. His arms bulged as sinewy muscles expanded, chest broadening and jaw distending. His features were a mixture of man and wolf – nose elongated, teeth lengthening, hair sprouting from his body and face – becoming lupine. His growl was animalistic, raw, beastly, and intense.

Nothing in the final days could have prepared me, not for what was about to happen. Knowlege about things howling at the moon or drinking blood in the night wouldn't save me. I was out of options and out of time, my extended period of lucky finally coming to an end.

There was no one here to stand in front of me, no one to protect my too human body from what he intended. I couldn’t fight him. I was too weak and too frail, and he reveled in that singular truth.

Yellow eyes gleamed as did perfect white teeth in the soft glow of the lamp. He prepared to devour me, snapping his lethal teeth and snarling a threat – a precursor. I suppressed a shiver but he could sense my fear as he advanced, ready to do as he’d promised. And because I had no other choice, I faced him head on.

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